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Friday, April 22, 2016

Hero's Mag: Freeform Super Hero Roleplaying


Sunday, April 17, 2016

A NEW FREE "0" Level Funnel to 1st Level Module for DCC: THE MEAT GRINDER

 THE MEAT GRINDER is a Zine Module for Dungeon Crawl Classics!

Make many many many pages of "0" level characters for they will die in droves! 

Funnel Character Creator

Prepare to enter THE MEAT GRINDER!

Monday, April 11, 2016

DCC Funnel!

Ah the Dungeon Crawl Classics FUNNEL! 
A party of 32!
One died when he tried to pick the lock of that ancient foul stone door!
Awaiting is what we had to do!
The star aligned and to the dungeon deep opened  that  foul door ! 

What a waste of pitiful lives! 
DEATH came for us in that terrible place!
Terrible was the stone face!

It was only 3 characters survived! 
The three that were tested in the fires of dungeons deep!
The three that now are heroes! 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

BS3 BACK to the DUNGEON RPG The Drow Undercity of Death

BS3 BACK to the DUNGEON RPG The Drow Undercity of Death

Those horrible demonic Drow! We were a very large merchant caravan of over twenty wagons with thirty men at arms strong. We were five merchants with two of our wives with us and my two daughters. Thank the gods our sons had stayed back to run our businesses back in the capital! 

We were beset upon in the darkest of nights by foul soldiers with armor dark and black and hair as white as snow. They killed most of our men at arms and we surrendered! Why did we not just keep fighting to the death! 

The dark elves took us far into the ground in the terrible dungeon know only as The Black Stairs. First there were the screams! Screams of men women and children. Then there was the smell. A smell of feces, blood, and death! 

Blood flowed like a river in this terrible place. Bodies lay all over broken, weeping, insane, and some dead.  

We were taken to some beautiful yet horrible Drow woman. She chanted in horrible tongues and prayed to dark gods!

Some how she KNEW that the two girls were my daughters! She picked up the youngest of only three years old by her throat and looked at me. Two Drow guards escorted us to another room. 

I heard my wife crying and screaming as Drow guards piled on top of here kicking and beating. There was nothing I could do. We were brought to a huge room with a horrible stinking pit with my little daughter still gagging and choking. 

Then she looked at me laughing and threw my little girl into the pit screaming until I heard her hit in the darkness. At that time my mind broke and I do not recall all of the tortures they did to me or my family. 

I will tell you this. The Drow are evil. The Drow are coming for us one day! They will come in the dead of the night and kill us all in our safe little barony.           


Yes people the THIRD level of the Megadungeon "THE BLACK STAIRS" now carefully translated and edited from LL/AEC to BttDRPG.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Expeditionary Campaigns

I am going to have to get off my duff and start a game of BttDRPG for a Expeditionary Campaign in the style of The West Marches. I have tried to gather up a few GMs but they have all failed to produce one single dungeon or session.  

I have a vision that if it succeeds will be like the sessions of old. 

Sadly the last few game  sessions have been ADD laugh fest as well as my ball and chain never wanting to game in my gaming building, thus ruing much of my ability to run my game as I can't get organised from a damn recliner. My arrow in my knee also seems to plan things during gaming days as well. Then the henpecker complains the game is not going very well. Somethings got to give and it is not going to be gaming or me.  

Friday, February 26, 2016

BS2 The Little Barony: The Black Stairs, The Creeping Shadow of the Witch Queen Mauug

Here is BS2 The Little Barony: The Black Stairs, The Creeping Shadow of the Witch Queen Mauug! The second level of The Black Stairs and a few bits of intrigue for the character to face!

It seems that ANOTHER really LARGE adventuring party has "claimed" the dungeon for their own!
Will the players choose their characters to run away and just give up their hard found discovery?

Who is this Witch Queen Mauug that is rumored to have an army of horrible monsters at her command?